Gas Tanks

Component Maintenance Malfunction Causes Remedies
Filler neck Clean and inspect for leaks, cracks and rust. Leakage causes loss of fuel and allows water in tank. Rust, normal wear. Repair or replace.
Fuel lines Inspect hose for cracks and and rust pipes. Leakage. Rust or normal wear. Replace.
Gauges Accurate fuel measurements, check for leakage and rust on gauge. Leakage or incorrect fuel metering. Cracked lines or seal, stuck or sunk float. Repair or replace.
Tanks Undercoat, clean dirt from upper surface. Remove skid plates to clear debris use methyl hydrate to keep moisture out of tank. Leakage do to rust, vibration or damage. Normal wear. Failure to keep moisture from being trapped on tank. Accident. Repair with solder line inside of tank. Renu tank. Replace tank.

Steel gas tanks have a national life expectancy of 5 years. Renu process is the best repair for a steel gas tank. Renu is a rubber coating inside and out, baked at 300° to cure. Spectra Premium Steel has 467 New affordable tanks for a lower cost replacement. Solder repair is an economical repair to damaged or rusted tanks. Consult a professional as to which repair is best for each application.