Heater Cores

Component Maintenance Malfunction Causes Remedies
Heater Flush system when antifreeze requires change. Plugged, poor heat, leaks, drips on floor, mist on window. Over pressurize; electrolysis, normal wear; insufficient flushing; hose connection; thermostat; plugged; vent door jammed; broken cable; vacuum lost or low coolant. Boil out, rod out, recore or replace heater. Replace thermostat; adjust airflow; repair or replace other defective components.
Control Valve Inspect for leaks. Leaking or plugged. Debris in system or normal wear. Replace.
Heater hose Inspect clamps; inspect for water logged hose or hardness and cracking Leaking joint. Age oil contamination; loose hose clamp. Replace, flush system.

We stock 100 different heaters at Island Radiator, Also cores for the one we don’t have.